6 Easy Ways to Increase Your Software Sales Teams’ Productivity

The dream of every software sales manager or company owner is to improve the productivity of their sales teams dramatically.

In a competitive market where everyone is competing for more sales here are 6 ways to ensure that your team is transformed into a lean, mean, PRODUCTIVE selling machine.


1. Effective hiring practices



It’s going to be hard work transforming your team into a sales powerhouse if you don’t have the right types of people in the first place. 

The truth? They don’t need to be proven stars already; although that’s the ideal hire, but they must have the right ATTITUDE to become successful while working well in a team.

The owners and managers of software sales companies are rarely HR specialists especially when it comes to identifying skilled sales people. This is where using a sspecialist software sales recruiter who has access to an extensive talent pool in your sector, and who knows the challenges and opportunities of your market is crucial.

Attracting top recruits in a competitive market is a science, so rely on a top recruiter’s advice on creating a winning job spec and running an impressive and welcoming interview process.


2. Offer the best training you can afford, from (before) day one. 

It is never too early, or too late, to start training. We recommend our clients begin the onboarding process the minute the candidate walks through the door on the first day.

Training, both in sales techniques and product knowledge, should continue regularly throughout the employee’s career with you, ensuring that they don’t become bored or disengaged or lose your company money through using an outdated sales process or poor customer service.

We appreciate that not every company has a huge training budget, so utilise your in-house knowledge where possible through mentorship programs, encourage on-line learning programs with incentives.


3. Make everyone do an audit of their time.



Request your sales staff start religiously tracking their time to assess where they lose track of time, what tasks are ‘time suckers’ and when they’re at their most productive.

Before they begin, ask them to map out their week and then compare it to the finished product, so they can plan more realistically in future and reduce time wastage. This is a fascinating exercise for most people and can lead to remarkable productivity improvements fast.


4. Maximise the impact of the tech they use.

Software sales reps may be eminently knowledgeable about the product they’re selling, but do they know how to utilise all the many hidden features of the CRM or any other software they’re using in their everyday work? Have you provided them with the best software for the job, and the training to use it to its maximum efficiency?

Sales software is getting increasingly sophisticated, with time-saving tech allowing sales reps to combine their CRM, inbox and calendar all in one place, with substantial productivity gains.


5. Taking Breaks  Works

Software sales is fast paced and high pressure, and that leads many software salespeople to believe they always need to work long hours and never take time away from their desk to get the job done. Ironically, we posted this motivational quote a few weeks ago, and it certainly struck a chord.



If you want to see changes in the energy levels and sales conversions in your team, shake things up a little. Make it clear you want your employees to step away from their desk for a short break every 90 minute. Clearing the head works wonders.

Exercise is a great way to boost blood to the brain too and restore energy and clarity to any of us.


6. The uncomfortable one remove deadwood

It can be challenging to separate the personal from professional in business when it comes to informing a team member that they aren’t up to scratch.

Good sales managers performance manage their teams well from induction to development to monitoring and feedback.

The truth is that this approach works with the majority of people; and not all!

Remember, underperforming team members are a drain both financially and emotionally too.

Imagine the scenario of replacing them with a sales star, whose enthusiasm and knowledge not only generates performance for them but inspires healthy competition in the team.

Which of these strategies have you already adopted, and which could you put in place today?

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