How to Develop an Average Performer into a Software Sales Superstar

Software team leaders know how difficult it can be to find and retain a sales superstar. That’s one of the reasons why many companies are beginning to place specialist recruitment agencies on speed-dial. However, you may be surprised to learn that one of your existing salespeople has the potential to become one of your top-performing agents.

After all, when you hired your team, you assessed each candidate for their ability to excel in their role. Even if your sales strategies have changed since then, with the right development strategy, you can still turn an average performer into a sales superstar.

The following strategies will help you unlock the true potential of your salespeople.


1. Conduct a Skills Audit



The first step in helping your employees grow is finding out where they can benefit from additional training.

A skills audit involves assessing your staff member for sales skills, either through a one-to-one meeting or a questionnaire. You can then use this information to identify the knowledge gaps that may be stopping that employee from reaching their full potential.

Regularly conducting skills audits can help you to tap into new areas of expertise in your workforce as new technologies and trends emerge while boosting your retention rates. After all, every employee wants to know their career is going somewhere.

The world of sales is changing, and prospects are harder to reach and more discerning than ever.
As a manager, it’s our job to make sure our sales teams have the knowledge skills and tools to deal with this.


2. Create Individual Development Plans

While a skills audit helps you to fill the gaps in your employee’s knowledge at a specific time in their career, a development plan considers how you can help that staff member grow in the long-term.

With an individual development plan, you can sit down with your potential sales superstar, and find out what they want to accomplish in their career goals. For instance, they might want to become a sales manager one day in the future.

Once you know what your people want to achieve, you can combine their goals with your business drivers to analyse what kind of training and support they’re going to need to succeed. From day one, you can create a roadmap for your employee that includes a realistic timeframe, measurable targets, and individual support.


3. Help Them Understand the Product/Service



To sell your product to a customer, your salesperson first needs to understand what that product is, what it does and how it can serve your customer; in micro detail.

A thorough understanding of the software ensures that your people look and feel more confident when they present the opportunity to clients.

The more confident your staff are in the potential of your product; the more likely your customers will be to buy. Confidence is a huge convincer for potential clients today.

Additionally, keeping employees up to date on the potential of a product or service can also help them to address any objections a customer has to purchasing. A salesperson who knows your company and your USPs can help any client to understand why the product you’re selling is right for them – even if they are initially convinced otherwise.


4. Measure Their Performance

When your team members are training to become better salespeople, they want to see evidence that their hard work is paying off. It’s important for leaders and managers to provide the people they mentor with quantitative metrics that help employees to see that they are making progress.

With the right metrics and tracking solutions in place, a manager can work with a staff member to create a visual roadmap of where they are now, and what they need to do to reach their goals. Metrics also help to drive accountability and push salespeople to stay motivated.

As well as stats sales numbers and quantitative data, constructive feedback is crucial too.

Specific recommendations on where your employees can improve or focus more of their efforts can help them to deliver more in the long-term.


5. Lead Generation Activities: Time You Embraced Change First



As the world of sales continues to evolve with new strategies, technology and lead gen activities leading the way, the best salespeople need to know how to take advantage of new techniques. Leaders can act as mentors in these situations, providing teams with examples of how they can use the latest information. That might be using SMS text, messenger bots or LinkedIn’s many sales tools.

For instance, you can set up lead generation activities days, where potential sales superstars can

The most important thing to remember is that developing a high-performing salesperson is an ongoing progress, the more you empower your people with the right training and support, the better their results will be.





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