Millennials in your sales team? 8 tips you NEED if you want to keep them engaged.

How are you going to keep your best sales talent?

How will you make sure your superstars are reaching their maximum potential?

Can you afford to keep losing your best sales reps?

How frustrated do you get when you’ve got to onboard, train and develop … just for them to be approached by 10 other companies each week?!

If someone stays with you for 5 years and hits their target each year – what a brilliant investment! How good would that be eh?

If you are managing a sales team – this will help you to get better engagement.

You could tame some of the big egos.

Or they could book in more appointments for you – which should lead to more revenue – more profit – more holidays…

Here at LivRecruit, we have been involved with 1000’s of sales placements – the vast majority of which have been Millennials (born roughly between 1985 – 2000). Dealing with Millennials in sales roles is becoming increasingly challenging as they start to mix in with Generation Z (GenZ… as they’re too lazy to write the whole thing!).

Simon Sinek’s video on Millennials in the Workplace has been viewed nearly 10million times on YouTube alone… it’s a 15 minute watch and worth the time investment

If you don’t catch up – you will get left behind. 75% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2025.

  1. Give them a purpose. A goal. A dream.

Some things don’t change. However, some things improve over time… and having a purpose is no different. Millennials are savvier now when it comes to finding a purpose – whether that’s in your company or elsewhere.

Some sales people LOVE to be the centre of attention and control workflow. Other millennials LOVE to create a beautiful working environment and ensure the team are happy.

Work with your team, find out what makes them tick and envisage a goal that they can aim towards.

Can you ask your team… “When you hit your sales targets… what would you do with the commission?”

  1. Agree expectations with them.

I suggest that this is most important point. Any decent sales manager out there will set SMARTA targets. If you don’t know what SMARTA targets are… Google can be your friend.

If you share a goal with your sales reps… and you agree SMARTA targets with them to hit that goal – it becomes easier to manage in the long run. More onus will be put on them to achieve their goals… not the goals that you’ve dictated to them.

Have you simply asked them “what do you see as success?”

  1. Personal and professional lives need support.

Millennials are readier than ever before to work. They leave the education system prepped to put a real good shift in. Some hate education – this hasn’t changed right?

Sales reps want to work 24/7 if they have the right goals. They become addicted to success and love the joy that comes from mini victories.

But… too much work will mean you’ll burn them out quicker than ever. You’ve walked a similar path to Millennials – so how can you help?

Offer work/life balance. Make sure they keep exercising. Friends and family are important. Fun times need to be had – and it’s vital that you support this. Maybe you could offer flexible working? Incentives for long weekends?


If you’ve read this far… thank you. You’d have seen that it’s not just money that motivates sales people. EXPERIENCES are key. Not every Millennial sales person is the same… but generalising… a decent salary, a decent commission scheme AND new experiences will keep your best people.

Have you taken them to the best restaurants in town?

What about offering tickets to their favourite musicians…?

Vouchers for their favourite clothes brand?

4 personal training sessions at the gym to keep them in shape?

Even little things like a 4 pack of the weirdest IPA beers.

There are brilliant companies out there who can help you with employee engagement (check out – you simply HAVE to offer incentives that your sales team want.

  1. Offer career paths and new projects wherever you can.

It’s a tough ask for a Millennial to be an expert in one role vs being able to turn their hand to anything you throw at them – especially in sales. Attention spans are shorter… and we’re becoming more impatient.

To keep a Millennial engaged with your business… what projects can you get them involved with? Maybe you need help within the customer service team? Perhaps the marketing team is struggling to generate leads – could a secondment into marketing bring fresh ideas?

You could be selling excellently but your clients aren’t getting much ROI from your software? Move your sales person into a Customer Success position?

Think about where the biggest pinch points are in your business and give that problem to a Millennial to solve.

  1. Develop a team. A genuine team. Your values mean more than you think.

If you haven’t watched All or Nothing: Manchester City yet – it’s essential viewing for those who love a team culture. Even for football haters… Pep Guardiola is an impressively engaging manager who created a winning mentality.

What is the culture like in your sales team? What do your sales reps say about each other behind closed doors?

What values do you live by? What are your business values?

  1. Give them a voice and value opinions.

As we discuss the values of the team – DO NOT… I repeat… DO NOT go to your sales team saying “THESE ARE THE VALUES THAT WE WORK TO NOW”. You’re leaving yourself open to criticism – especially if you or other directors don’t live those values.

Run a session with your team and decide together what values you should live by.

Ask your Millennials how they think the business could improve.

What is stopping the business from growing? Where are the distractions?

It’s their voice! Let them use it.

  1. One size doesn’t fit all.

Please treat anybody in your sales team as an individual. We all have different drivers and different goals in life. Millennials are acutely aware of this – and by offering individual guidance will mean that they are “bought” into you.

Have you taken them to the pub?

What about a walk around the building instead of a formal meeting room?

Your intention is always to get the best out of your sales team.

Here at LivRecruit we can’t stress enough the importance of building a high-performing team culture. Without your sales team, your business will stay still or worse… fail. Managing Millennials in sales roles is tricky… but very achievable.

If you’re looking to add further sales talent to your team, please contact Nikki Harbisher on 07583 965 071 or [email protected]