The 6 Critical Sales Recruiting Trends This Year

Just as the software sales process has begun to evolve in recent years with new trends and technology, the strategies used to find, recruit and retain sales superstars are changing too.

In a competitive world, where companies need the best sales skills to get ahead of other organisations in their niche, it’s important to know how the recruitment story is changing in 2018.

From an increasing focus on candidate experience to the presence of digital initiatives and analytics, there’s a lot to take in.


1. The Importance of Candidate Experience



As skill shortages continue to plague the software sales environment, it’s crucial for companies to engage candidates from the first time they meet them; whether that is ‘virtually’ online or the first email or call they receive.

recruitment agency can help modern businesses to develop a stronger hiring strategy, engaging both active and passive candidates and selling the benefits of the company to the best potential employee.

According to a 2018 survey by Bullhorn the wellknown recruiting software provider, candidate acquisition is one of the top 3 concerns for any business, 41% say it’s their top priority. A streamlined hiring experience where your future staff members get quick updates on their application process, along with welcoming and respectful interview, can mean that you’re less likely to miss out on top-tier talent.


2. Diversity is Key

Around 82% of hiring managers in the UK say that diversity is one of the most important trends changing how they recruit.

In the past, diversity wasn’t high on many organisations agendas. However, today, for companies to achieve true diversity, they need to create a culture where people from all backgrounds, ethnicity, or sexuality can feel comfortable working together as a team.

Embracing diversity in the months ahead can help companies to improve productivity and performance within their teams. After all, different perspectives can ensure that salespeople solve problems faster, and come up with new ideas for revenue growth.


3. Strength in Social Media



Another common trend facing sales recruitment this year is the growing importance of social media. In recent years, we’ve seen LinkedIn emerging as a place for people to network, share their skills, and connect with potential employers.

Experts predict that throughout the rest of 2018, and in the years ahead, many companies will need to have a stronger social media presence, and a compelling employer brand if they want to attract the right people to their roles from a selection of different backgrounds.


4. The Changing Interview Process

Job interviews have always been an important part of the recruitment process. However, a shift has started in 2018, around the way that software companies evaluate their salespeople.

While the traditional interview is unlikely to disappear any time soon, there are new methods on the market that can offer companies better insight into the potential of their new employees.

For instance, personality profile tools are making a huge comeback, video screening and behavioural and competency-based interviews are helping companies to analyse better both soft and hard skills now required in today’s market.


5. Choosing the Right Renumeration

Although hiring managers have always had to offer candidates the right salary to get their attention, it’s going to be increasingly important to make sure that you’re delivering the going ‘rate’ and above in a competitive market like software sales.

As an experienced recruitment company in the market ask us what the salary benchmark is for roles; because it has changed.

Additionally, remember that you can supplement your salary offerings with the right benefits, all the way from flexible scheduling, to remote working opportunities and wellness programs.


6. Using Technology to Improve Recruitment



Finally, technology is making its way into almost every industry these days.

Not only can automation and analytics help recruitment agencies like ourselves to find the best talent for our clients, but they can also help you to offer a better hiring, onboarding and retention strategy too.

An MIT and IBM study found that organisations making higher investments in HR analytics saw an 8% higher sales growth, along with 58% higher sales per employee.

Using analytics to keep track of what your candidates need during the recruitment process, and then continuing to use that technology to help them throughout their career can make your software company more profitable.





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